Snow Images from Hayesville and Clay County

plus a few taken on the Cherohala Skyway in nearby Graham County

February, 2007

Matheson Cove on Lake Chatuge, 2/1/07

Leatherwood Falls at Fires Creek, 2/1/07

Fires Creek, 2/1/07

Fires Creek, 2/1/07

View south towards lower Shewbird Mountain, 2/18/07

Lake Chatuge near the Deerfield Inn, 2/18/07

Lake Chatuge at Shooting Creek, 2/18/07

Muskrat Creek Area, 2/18/07

Eagle Fork Cove, 2/18/07

Cherohala Skyway, 2/3/07

Cherohala Skyway, 2/3/07

Cherohala Skyway looking south, 2/3/07

Benton-Mackaye Trail near the Cherohala Skyway, 2/3/07

Our 6-month-old Golden Retriever Barney on the Benton-Mackaye Trail near the Skyway, 2/3/07



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