The First Annual Hayesville Punkin Chunkin - November 8, 2008


For the story, see the article in the Clay County Progress. The article describes the first four teams entered, but a fifth team, Cutworms Specialties, also entered a machine named the Tusquittee Trebuchet.


Results: The G-Menites won the youth category and the overall competition with their best toss of 259 feet! The Pumpkin Slingers won the overall adult competition with a throw of 72 feet. Team List (the Gnarly Flinger) came in 2nd in the adult competition with a throw of 69 feet. The Tusquittee Trebuchet threw 70 feet, but in the wrong direction.


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All five teams setting up. Almost ready to chunk

Team Guidry and the G-Menites launching

Successful G-Menite launch with pumpkin visible in the air

Team List cutting loose

Team LeKites preparing the Hayesville Hammer

The Tusquittee Trebuchet firing a pumpkin in an unexpected direction

Untangling the G-Menite sling after a launch

Still working on the Hayesville Hammer, surrounded by pumpkins

G-Menite group portrait

2nd successful G-Menite launch with pumpkin visible in the air

The Big Sling has Slung

The Hayesville Hammer winds up and the Tusquittee Trebuchet is ready to go and waiting

The Big Sling has just launched a pumpkin visible in the air - their best throw of the day

The G-Menites 3rd launch - pumpkin visible in the air

Tusquittee Trebuchet working on improving their arc, without much luck

The spectators on a beautiful fall day, with the Riverwalk development in the background

The Pumpkin Slingers, with Captain Tighe White driving, with their pumpkin just leaving the sling

Last launch by the Tusquittee team





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